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DICE Constantly Playtesting Star Wars Battlefront To Make Sure Gameplay Is Balanced

by Damian Seeto


DICE has reassured fans that they are constantly playtesting Star Wars Battlefront to make sure the gameplay is balanced upon launch.

Star Wars Battlefront’s producer, Jesper Nielsen, answered a few questions about the game on Reddit the other day. He had a lot to say about playtesting the game.

Nielsen confirmed that DICE is playtesting Star Wars Battlefront “every day“. He said getting the multiplayer balance right is usually the most challenging parts of game design. This makes sense as both veterans and beginners need to be able to enjoy the experience. DICE does a lot of testing in this department to make sure everything is balanced. They are playing the game a lot now and tweaking whatever they can.

DICE themselves are not the only people playtesting Star Wars Battlefront at the moment. The team is also getting external testers to help out too. He said the game designers right now are already getting a ton of feedback from playable builds they have done.

DICE is probably also doing a lot of playtests to make sure the network code is working fine in Star Wars Battlefront too. Hopefully the game launches without any hiccups and the servers are stable come this November. There are sure to be millions of eager Star Wars fans getting the game on launch day.

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