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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Adds Kam’lanaut of Final Fantasy XI

Is he still fighting to open the gate?

by Jacob Bukacek

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT’s next DLC character is going to be none other than Kam’lanaut of Final Fantasy XI fame. Square-Enix announced today that the character would be joining the roster as part of Dissidia’s October update. It’s not clear what sort of class he’ll fall under yet, but considering that he was a powerhouse of a boss in his home game, it’s probably safe to say he’ll be a heavy-hitter at the very least.

Kam’lanaut serves as one of the final bosses of Final Fantasy XI, combating his enemies with a combination of heavy melee and ranged magics. When his people were at the height of their power and prosperity, Kam’lanaut received a vision from the Mothercrystals revealing the means of opening the Gate of the Gods. He and his people worked tirelessly to see it happen, but their enemies foiled their plans. Kam’lanaut wound up sealed in the crystals along with his brother, and his people were decimated. He returns centuries later undeterred, and is likely to be bringing that same determination to Dissidia’s conflict between Cosmos and Chaos.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT hasn’t done so well in terms of sales thus far, so it’s encouraging to see Square-Enix sticking with their unique fighting game. Hopefully the upcoming update will encourage a bit more growth in its community.

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