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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Adding Lunar Subterrane Stage from FFIV

by Jose Belmonte


Square Enix’s crossover fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy is adding a new stage inspired on the fourth entry for its arcade version in Japan. The stage, called Lunar Subterrane, places players on the surface of the moon, and it is based on the final scenarios of Final Fantasy IV. You can even see the vehicle used by the characters to reach the moon, laying in the background.

Although the stage has been announced for the arcade version, it will also make its way for the PS4 release announced last month. Square Enix confirmed that in the time between the reveal and the game release in early 2018 they would be revealing more stages and characters every month. The final selection is expected to be closer to the content of the two original entries for PSP.

Lunar Subterrane was already featured in the original Dissidia, although the new version adds much more than a mere aesthetic makeover, with completely new textures, visual effects and a new mode that changes the climatic conditions and the gameplay. The trailer showcases the new scenario with a battle between two main characters from the game: Cecil and Kain.

Square Enix will release the fighting game for PS4 on early 2018 under the name Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT. Watch the video of the new stage below.

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