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Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Details Upcoming Open Beta on PS4

by Jose Belmonte


Today Square Enix has detailed the plans for an upcoming open beta of Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, which will be available in December and January in Japan, and mid-January in North America and Europe, leading to the game’s final release in January 30. The beta will let players try out single and multiplayer modes, online and offline, including Class Matches, Rush Battles, and a sneak peak of the story mode, offering a well-rounded demonstration of what the final version will offer.

In Class Match, players will be able to battle other fans online forming a team of three characters controlled by them (Solo) or having other two people join (Party). Rush Battle is a single player mode in which players will have to endure a series of 3 vs 3 battles against the AI. And finally the points obtained with each battle can be used to unlock cutscenes of the Story, obtaining a preview of this new tale in which Final Fantasy heroes and villains are summoned to a new world with a mysterious objective.

And there’s more. The beta will also allow players to customize the characters in order to give them a unique look by changing their character skins, EX skills, or symbol chats. Many of these aspects can be obtained as a reward playing on each mode.

In comparison, the closed beta launched earlier this year only offered online fights and a single player mode to practice. You can read our impressions here.

The open beta of Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT will be available in Japan between December 23 and 24, December 30 and 31, and January 6 and 7. In North America and Europe the beta will be available from January 12 to January 21. Don’t miss the latest trailer for the game released at Jump Festa.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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