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DIYer Finds Fix For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue

by Darrin Wright


It seems most of the reviewers given Nintendo Switch consoles before launch noticed a problem with the gaming console’s signature controllers, the Joy-Cons, and specifically the left one. Many reported connection issues, with the controller briefly losing sight of the console, usually for just a few seconds but long enough to cause frustrations and, in the case of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, some unnecessary deaths.

Complaints about the issue got so prevalent that Nintendo had to issue a statement with some tips on how to rectify the problem, including moving the console away from possible sources of interference like aquariums, wireless routers and speakers, or even microwaves, cordless phones, or laptops. Some of that may sound extreme, but one YouTube video maker went beyond that and actually opened up his Joy-Con to find the issue himself.

According to Kotaku, the man behind the Spawn Wave channel discovered that while the right Joy-Con, which doesn’t seem to have the same issues, has a dedicated removable antenna within it to help the controller receive a signal from the Switch, but the left one’s antenna is printed directly onto the circuit board, right next to the metal casing for the thumbstick.

Well, there’s your problem, as that part of the controller is also almost always covered by the majority of a user’s hand.

Spawn Wave soldered a piece of copper wire onto the existing antenna, and actually managed to make the left Joy-Con at least as good as, if not a little better, than the right one, according to a follow-up by Ars Technica.

Before you try this fix, keep in mind that it will definitely void your warranty, and if you make a mistake, you’re likely going to have to drop $50 on another controller.

Have you had any issues with the Switch’s controller? Do these reports make you less likely to buy the console? Sound off below!

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