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Donkey Kong Coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

by Kyle Hanson


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was one of the surprise hits of last year, bringing XCOM like turn-based strategy to the Switch in a more fun and accessible way. Coming from Ubisoft, the game has featured some excellent post-launch support, and that looks to get even bigger in 2018 with the announcement that Donkey Kong will arrive via a new DLC pack this Spring.

You can check out the announcement around the nine minute mark of the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. There’s no gameplay footage, so it’s not totally clear how DK will fit into the strategy action of the game. From the short video it seems like he might use thrown bananas to take out multiple enemies at once. No matter how he plays, any expansion of the Mario universe is surely welcome from fans.

It’s still a bit odd to see another developer tackling the Mario world, and now they’ve been allowed to use Donkey Kong as well. It seems that the Ubisoft/Nintendo partnership is only getting stronger as the Switch becomes a bonafide hit around the world.

There’s no pricing details yet, but it does seem like this will be a paid DLC pack for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

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