Don’t Starve Together and Cult of the Lamb Crossover is Coming

Don't starve the lamb, together!

by Alex Huebner
Image: Klei

There is a roguelike, base-building Cult of the Lamb crossover giving players some new material. The indie developers, Massive Monster, have taken another popular title of fellow indie developer Klei, Don’t Starve Together, and made crossover materials for both games to celebrate Cult of the Lamb’s success since its release in June 2022. This is what fans can expect to see when opening up these two titles now.

Cult of the Lamb Crossover Content

Cult of the Lamb is getting a new follower. Webber from Don’t Starve Together is a spider boy who perfectly fits the Cult of the Lamb aesthetic. In addition to your other spider characters, you will now be able to add him to your cult once you complete the quest. You also get seven decorations for your camp that are based on items from Don’t Starve Together. But most notable is the new game mode, Penitence mode, for Cult of the Lamb. It’s a survival mode where now your lamb must sleep and eat or the game ends and you lose your cult and followers. But you can’t get this or the decorations until you get Webber.

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How To Get the Webber Follower in Cult of the Lamb Crossover

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

During the evening, there are spiders that run around your base and you can run up to them and Catch Critter. Normally this just drops some morsels. Now when you kill them they could drop a skull. This will take a few spiders before you will see it drop.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you do, bury it in a Body Pit, you can build one with just four logs and eight gold. As soon as you do, the spot will be used and Webber will appear!

Don’t Starve Together Crossover Content

In the Cult of the Lamb crossover, items are also making their way into Don’t Starve Together. When you log in you will receive The Lamb, The Lamb’s Blad, Flock’s Chest, and The Lamb’s Reward skins for Don’t Starve Together items. In game, you can fish a Crown trinket from the oasis lake in the Antlion desert. When you give this to Antlion you will get new blueprints.

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Twitch Drops

Image: Klei

By watching a Klei Ambassador on Twitch, you can get the Camellia Flower rewards. These are flowers in Cult of the Lamb that are used for healing your followers. To get the icon for Don’t Starve Together you only have to watch for 30 minutes. At 1.5 hours you get the portrait, and finally at 3 hours, you get the actual Camellia Flowerbed item to place within the Constant.

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2023

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