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DOOM Celebrates 25th Anniversary, DOOM Slayers Club Announced

Nothing can stop the Doom Slayer. Not even time itself.

by Jacob Bukacek

As DOOM fans look forward to the Doom Slayer’s next rampage in DOOM Eternal, the series’ creators took a brief step back to commemorate its 25th anniversary today. DOOM is one of those games that’s had a lasting impact on both its fans and gaming as a whole. DOOM showed everyone what a first-person shooter should be back in 1993, and DOOM (2016) reminded all shooter fans of the genre’s truly awesome potential.

Many fans have done quite a bit to demonstrate their love for the game over the years, creating all manner of incredible mods and porting it to everything from digital watches to the Apple Macbook’s Touch Bar. For the less tech-savvy fans out there though, there are easier ways to celebrate this series’ longevity, and Id Software/Bethesda is even offering a small reward for doing so.

Alongside the commemorative video above, Bethesda announced the “Slayers Club,” which is pretty much just a fan club for DOOM. Those that sign up will receive a “25th Anniversary Zombie DOOM Slayer Skin” to use in DOOM Eternal. Additionally, Bethesda mentioned that it will also be running a “Year of DOOM” next year, which includes events, contests, exclusive game content and such. It’s likely that being part of this Slayers Club will be needed for participation, so those interested may want to take a look at it on Bethesda’s site to learn more before deciding whether or not to join up.

Doom Eternal is currently set to launch sometime in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

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