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DOTA 2 is Broken: Is Valve in Danger of Losing its Player Base?

by William Schwartz


Oh, do you know the error man, the error man, the error man. Oh, do you know the error man, that lives on Dota 2 Reborn lane.

No idea what we’re on about. Watch this:

Error man is a quirky, really rather funny phenomenon of Dota 2 RebornDota 2 Reborn being the Source Engine 2 version of the world’s most competitive MOBA (let the flaming ensue).

Error man, charming as he and the memes he’s started may be, is but one of a relative few hilarious glitches that have developed out of the game’s move – the rest of the issues Dota 2 Reborn is having, and there’s a lot of them, have started to scare the community away by the truckload.

Spotted by a user over at NeoGAF, Dota 2 has had, on average, 100, 000 less players playing Dota 2 over the month of September, or ever since the forced move to Reborn. And that’s right after TI5 when interest for the game should be at its highest.


We know what you’re thinking: academic obligations, among other factors, are likely to blame for a good deal of players to be playing a lot less this past month, as the year comes to a close. But following both TI3 and TI4, far less players stopped playing, and it’s hardly a coincidence that it’s happening while Dota 2 Reborn does its utmost to crash every competitive game and lag out every pub match.

So why did Valve force the move so early? We suspect that they’ve decided that the massive Dota 2 player base is, in fact, free and willing quality assurance staff. After all, more players means a much easier time of picking away at the game and finding those bugs, and the more that suffer through a bug, the more chance it has of being reported.

This approach to gaming, something that has become all too common, is become really aggravating. More recent examples of this are Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Battlefield 4, Might and Magic Heroes VII and a whole lot more.

And here we thought that Valve was better than that. Who are we kidding, way too much money is involved in Dota 2 for Valve to be thinking clearly.

* Feature image courtesy of biggreenpepper

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