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Dota 2 International Compendium 2015 Released

by William Schwartz


Valve has just released Dota 2 International Compendium 2015, an in-game book which comes with tournament related predictions, challenges and in-game items.

The International 2015 is a competition, which will take place in August, where the greatest teams of Dota 2 face off to become world champions, win the trophy and a lot of prize money. Last year the prize pool rose to a colossal $10.6 million and this year’s prize pool will most likely eclipse this figure.

The prize pool for The International 2015 currently sits at just over $1.9 million; however, as fans purchase the Compendium for the competition this figure will increase. Prized at $9.99 for just the Compendium or $26.99 for a Level 50 Compendium, each time someone purchases either version 25% of the price is added to the prize pool.

The International Compendium 2015 comes with a number of features and, if prize pool stretch goals are reached, additional content will be added. Players will be able to predict matches, take part in gameplay challenges and use the Compendium Coin Charm without any stretch goals being reached.

The Compendium already has a number of in-game items which players get such as: Almond the Frondillo (The International Pet), an Enigma: World Chasm Artifact (Bracers item with Custom Black Hole Effect) and custom teleport effects. New items will be available to unlock when prize pool stretch goals are reached including Immortal Treasures, a map skin (Desert Terrain – “A new look comes to Dota 2’s battlefield with this new Terrain item”), a Wyvern Courier and an Axe Immortal item.

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