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Dota 2 International 2015 “Special Drop System” Now Active

by William Schwartz


Valve has just announced new Compendium themed opportunities for Dota 2 players, in the form of earning Compendium Points and obtaining hero effigies by watching The International 2015.

The International Qualifiers are currently being played with a number of great games, with close endings and base races, already occurring. However, there are now even more reasons to be watching the matches. Valve has announced that players can now potentially receive effigies.

The official statement reads that drops from watching International games, including qualifiers, can now be “an effigy featuring the triumphant hero, or a random team member in the case of a group accomplishment. The effigies will be built from a random material (including the rare Solid Gold material), and will come ready to be posed using the preset hero and equipped items the player was using at the time.”

Those watching live, through the Dota 2 client, also have the chance to earn coins, coin charms, and Compendium points. When International games end every compendium owner, even those who are not watching live, now have the potential of receiving an effigy of a hero in the winning team via Valve’s “special drop system”. The chance of you receiving something from these ‘game end’ effigy drops increases with your Compendium Level.

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