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DOTA 2 Tournament Begins Today, Exceeds $18m Prize Pool

by William Schwartz


The International 5 is set to start in just a couple hours time, and will offer its participants a chance at an $18m prize pool.  This massive monetary prize has been built through TI5 Compendium sales, and is one of the biggest in professional gaming.

The DOTA 2 tournament will run from August 3rd through August 8th, and has been fun to watch over the last few years.  A combination of highly skilled competitors, professional commentary, and a wide variety of ways to consume the tournament have helped immensely.  You can watch The International 5 on Twitch, the DOTA 2 website, or the game client itself.  With some of these options giving you a wide variety of analysis tools and commentary options to choose from.

TI5 Runs from August 3 – 8

The sixteen teams in the tournament have made their way to Seattle in a number of ways.  Ten of them have been hand picked by Valve to participate.  Four won their way in by winning a regional qualifier, with two wildcard teams that place second.  The sixteen teams of The International 5 represent many different countries across the globe.  The winning team of The International 5 will take home nearly 6.5 million dollars, and of course, the Aegis of Champions.

DOTA 2 has become one of the most popular MOBA games in recent years.  Free to play done right, many would say — the incredible prize for competitors of this tournament is driven solely through community interest in following along and securing cosmetic prizes for doing so.

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