Dr Disrespect Says Ricochet Anti-Cheat in Warzone is False Advertising

Doc cries foul as cheaters deploy on new Warzone map.

by Charles Cleveland


Famous influencer and streaming star, Dr. Disrespect, made an exasperated claim during a recent stream that Warzone’s Ricochet anti-cheat was nothing short of false advertising.

There is no disputing the success that Warzone has brought to the table for the Call of Duty franchise. Taking the popular first-person shooter so successfully into the battle royale genre was a great success for Activision. However, it is no secret that Warzone has been dealing with its own cheaters and hackers since the game practically launched. The Call of Duty team has been assuring fans that they are doing everything they can to stamp out cheating and prevent hackers from disrupting the game lobbies. They even put out their own anti-cheat system known as Ricochet. Ricochet is an “anti-cheat security initiative” developed for the sole purpose of eliminating hackers from both Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone. This is also not the first time that we have covered Warzone’s anti-cheat news. Nevertheless, here we are witnessing another example of hackers taking down even the best of Warzone players.

On January 7th, the good Doctor hosted a streaming session in which he would eventually encounter what he claimed to be an obnoxious hacker. During his video stream (Stream attached below, 1:32:09 time stamp of incident) he was sent to the Gulag by a player that definitely appeared to be hacking. It was practically a no look aim at The Doc, who wasn’t even in view of the hacker before he began firing. After watching the result of the kill cam, you can see Dr. Disrespects flabbergasted appearance followed by the claim, “That guy is hacking right? Hundred percent?” It seemed to take him awhile to finish his claims as he was clearly taken aback by the blatant cheating, “So, they did lie to us about Ricochet. That’s false advertisement, huh.”

After Dr. Disrespect addressed his audience many of them weighed in on their own recent experiences with hackers dominating their Warzone matches. This has now led to many more people expressing their experiences with recent cheating issues and many are beginning to agree with Dr. Disrespect’s claim that Ricochet is simply not doing its job. While there is currently no proof or report that something has changed that has allowed cheaters to bypass the Ricochet system, there are certainly many new claims that somehow these hackers are still slipping through the cyber cracks.

Have you or any of your friends been dealing with hackers lately in Warzone?

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