Dragon Age: Inquisition Receiving Free Multiplayer DLC & Patch Notes

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Dragon Age: Inquisition looks to be getting even more content before the Jaws Of Hakkon even comes to PC & PlayStation 4 later this month. This marks the first major addition of multiplayer content to the game since release.

The free Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer expansion dubbed, Dragonslayer will debut tomorrow across all available platforms and will not be a timed exclusive like Jaws Of Hakkon. It of course is centered around fighting dragons and will add several new characters to choose from (Skywatcher, Zither the Virtuoso and Isabella) to do battle with in a new Fereldan castle. It is set to launch alongside The Black Emporium DLC which gives players a new shop and allows them to change their look.

On top of the multiplayer DLC announcement, Bioware also released patch notes for Patch 7 which is rolling out on all platforms. Major features include, ‘beard alignment’ and ability to sheathe weapons, more notes can be found below.

[PC] Added new feature that allows users to sheathe and unsheathe their weapons. This feature can be accessed via the key-binding screen.
[PC] Fixed an issue which could result in fog looking wrong when running SLI/Crossfire configurations
[PC] Fixed an issue which would place the AOE targetting reticule to be placed in odd locations when using the mouse look toggle feature
[PC] Fixed some issues which could cause flickering when alt-tabbing while running the game under SLI / Crossfire.
[PC][Xbox 360][Xbox One] Fix for Dragon’s Bane Achievement to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
[PS3][PS4] Added trophies for the upcoming “Jaws of Hakkon” DLC
[PS3][PS4] Fix for Dragon’s Bane Trophy to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
Added some thrones in Skyhold for players who own DA1 and/or DA2.
Added the ability to salvage multiple items at the same time in multiplayer. This can be done in the inventory screen or while you are purchasing packs.

You can check out the full Dragon Age: Inquisition patch 7 notes on the blog. Dragonslayer is set to release tomorrow on all available platforms.

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