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Dragon Age: Inquisition Weekend Event Announced For April 3-6


Starting today players will be able to hop on Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer and go for an array of awards including community centric, platform based goals in this week’s Dragon Age: Inquisition Weekend Event.

Announced via the official Dragon Age page, this weekends mutliplayer event will see players across all platforms strive as a community. Below, Bioware has detailed the mission for all agents dubbed ‘Towering Victory’.

To all Agents in the Field:

Representatives from the Imperium will be traveling to Skyhold within the next few days for a meeting with the ambassador. Some of them may be Venatori, or at least sympathizers, so let us make a strong impression on them if we can.

The roads have been treacherous of late, thanks to giants in the area. If we clean them out, and perhaps make a spectacular show of doing so, I’m sure it will give our Tevinter guests a lot to ponder on their way home.


The individual agent goal for this week’s Dragon Age: Inquisition Weekend Event is to accumulate 40 match points. The reward for doing so is that they will be awarded a Victory Chest. Below is the Inquisition goal which is platform specific. Upon completion every participating player playing on that platform will receive a Victory Chest.

Inquisition Goal:

PS4: As a community, kill 11,000 Giants.

PC/XOne: As a community, kill 6,000 Giants.

PS3/X360: As a community, kill 1,600 Giants.

The weekend event is going on right now on Dragon Age: Inquisition and is set to end on Monday April 6th at 5am PST.

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