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Dragon Ball FighterZ adds four new characters, a brand-new original story and interesting online

by Lewis White


Revealed in the newest issue of Japan’s Weekly Jump magazine, Dragon Ball FighterZ will now feature a brand-new story mode upon its launch early next year, along with the arrival of four new previously unannounced characters.

While gamers and Dragon Ball fans are already undeniably hyped up for the release of this fantastic looking fighter, there is so much more coming to the game than what Ark System Works have been letting on. The story mode available in the finished release will not only be substantial, but a never-before seen scenario in the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will feature a brand-new single player story “depicted in high-end animation”

Translated by gaming website Gematsu, FighterZ’s campaign is described as a “new story for Goku and his friends depicted in high-end animation”, Dragon Ball FighterZ will see a revived Android 16–who is now a playable character–in a story where “super warriors fall one by one.”

Also announced alongside the story mode comes the addition of three more fighters, not including Android 16. Super Sayain Blue Goku joins the fray with his signature “10x God Kamehameha”. Following the addition of Goku’s newer form comes Super Sayain Blue Vegeta who can use the “Final Flash Attack” move; finally comes Android 18 who can use the “Accel Dance” attack, summoning Android 17 and using him as a teammate. It hasn’t been revealed yet if Android 17 will be playable on his own, but hopefully with his model already completed Ark System Works will decide to include him as an independent fighter.


The article doesn’t stop there; detailed in the Japanese text is a short bit of information on a 3v3 online mode. Six players will all pick a character and fight on one of two teams in the same tag-style system as the single player game. If the netcode for DBFZ is as solid as Arc System Works’ job on Guilty Gear Xrd, this is looking to be a solid and worthy online experience.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is quickly becoming the hypest fighter of not only 2018, but of this generation. With a host of other characters announced recently, such as Trunks and Piccolo, FighterZ should be a game suited well to the fighting game crowd and to Dragon Ball fans alike.

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