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Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Review: History Of Future Trunks Explained

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super continues to be entertaining with Future Trunks now in the present and Black Goku still hunting for him. Episode 49 gives us a better picture on what Future Trunks has been up to since we last saw him during the Cell saga.

When we last left off, Future Trunks tried to punch Goku’s lights out. This is because he still has the haunting visions of Black Goku on his mind. Bulma slaps him in the face and then he realizes it’s just the normal good Goku. Future Trunks thought Goku died since Cell blew him up, but Goku tells him that a lot of things have happened since they last saw one another.

Future Trunks is happy to see Bulma again since his own mother from his timeline sadly died. The Pilaf Gang are still unaware that this is a Future version of Trunks and still think it’s the older brother. Bulma has to explain to them that it’s the same person but from the future.

As both Future Trunks and Kid Trunks interact with one another, Beerus and Whis are interested at the time machine. They feel it’s quite impressive that humans have been able to build a time machine. As the episode cuts back to the future, Black Goku is still not aware of where Future Trunks went and just starts destroying stuff. He then uses a special ring that creates a rift. This might be a key to him chasing Future Trunks after all…


Whis is a little worried that Future Trunks has been travelling through time as he notes about the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is a concept where if one thing is changed in the past, it can have severe consequences in the future. Some Flash fans will know what this means as this is explored in the Flashpoint storyline.

Beerus wants to destroy the time machine because he doesn’t want any more things being altered if Future Trunks keeps jumping through timelines. Future Trunks begs him (on his knees) not to do it and he only agrees to stop so if he gets tasty food. Bulma gives Beerus and Whis some sausages and they love it.

Bulma notes that the time machine only had fuel for a one way trip. However, she finds a note that has been written by her future self. The Future Bulma has given her past self a clue to where she can get more fuel and build a better time machine.

One of the best things we find out in this episode is that they talk about Majin Buu. Babidi and Dabura actually appeared after Future Trunks killed off Cell so that is interesting to find out. Future Trunks trained with Supreme Kai and he was able to kill off Babadi and Dabura before they were able to free Majin Buu.


Future Trunks then mentions to the rest of the gang that the new enemy he faces looks like Goku. He says Future Bulma just gave him the name of “Black Goku”. The enemy himself refers to the name of just Goku so that’s another interesting revelation from this episode. Black Goku only arrived fairly recently like a year ago in Future Trunks’ timeline and destroyed pretty much everyone and everything on Earth. Future Bulma’s note is dissected even further as she wanted the timeline to be fixed so that Vegeta and Goku from the present can go to the future and kill off Black Goku once and for all.

After all of the talking is over, we get to see Future Trunks and Goku spar for a bit. It was cool to see that Future Trunks has managed to reach Super Saiyan 2 as he didn’t reach to that level before. Goku however shows off and displays Super Saiyan 3. Future Trunks didn’t even know a third level even existed. The two keep on fighting until Goku overpowers Future Trunks.

What Future Trunks didn’t see is Super Saiyan Blue Goku. It will be interesting to see if Black Goku is as strong as a Super Saiyan God. Black Goku could be powerful as he has a similar trait to Saiyans and that is they get stronger after each fight. The episode ends when Black Goku creates a portal of some kind and enters the present timeline!

Overall, episode 49 of Dragon Ball Super was full of great exposition. It provided us with a lot of information on how Future Trunks has been after all these years without him. I loved how he managed to get to Super Saiyan 2 and also prevented Majin Buu from ever being set free. Next week will be an even greater episode with Black Goku facing up against Goku! Join us next week for more coverage on that.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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