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Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 Review: Future Trunks Trains With Vegeta

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 54 is an interesting one with Future Trunks training with Vegeta. Can Future Trunks become stronger?

The start of the episode is nothing much because Future Trunks is standing alone on the water pondering on how he can fight Black Goku again. It will be cool to see if he can finally beat him.

When Future Trunks wakes up from his mental training, he still gets defeated by Black Goku. This is a sign that he’s still not strong enough to beat his biggest adversary. This leads to a weird dream sequence as Mai imagines that she is about to kiss Future Trunks…

When Whis, Beerus and Goku get back, Whis tells Future Trunks what happened when they visited Universe 10. Whis says that Black Goku and Zamasu’s Ki is the same, but Black Goku still has more evil in his heart. However, Whis says there’s a chance that Zamasu could turn evil.

Future Trunks wants to become strong like Goku is, so Vegeta comes in to offer help. After all, Vegeta is somewhat on the same level as Goku now as both of them can become Super Saiyan Blue. Beerus and Whis decide to leave the gang for the time being.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54 then switches to see what Zamasu has been up to. Zamasu is looking at two huge beings beating up on each other and he’s confused why people still like fighting. The episode gives us a few clues that Zamasu might turn (or is involved) with the creation of Black Goku.


This is evident because Zamasu tells Gowasu that he should kill the beings on the planet as punishment for fighting all of the time. Gowasu is shocked because he is a Kai and Kais are pro-life unlike Beerus who is a god of destruction.

Gowasu and Zamasu bring out the time rings and decide to go to 1000 years in the future to see if the beings he saw before have improved their behavior. Gowasu says time rings aren’t supposed to be used to go to the past, but they can use them to see the future. They are not allowed to interfere with time though.

Another clue that Zamasu is Black Goku is that Gowasu gives him his green potara earring. Black Goku also has a green potara earring and he uses that to time travel all over the place. It will be interesting if Black Goku is a fusion between Zamasu and Goku. Anyway, Zamasu sees that the barbaric people haven’t changed and they are still savages. This is another small clue that he wants to rid the world of mortal beings who cannot live peacefully.

The main part of the episode now begins as Future Trunks is with Vegeta. Vegeta shows the Super Saiyan form that he used during the fight with Imperfect Cell. This is the grade below Super Saiyan 2.

Future Trunks is clueless and says Goku is stronger because he can turn Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta laughs at him and then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. Future Trunks cannot detect God Ki, but Goku can. Future Trunks cannot detect how powerful his father has become.

Future Trunks transforms into his own Super Saiyan form and a little game is played between the two. Vegeta says if Future Trunks can hit him, he will be rewarded. Future Trunks then transforms into Super Saiyan 2 which is his most powerful form.

Vegeta however doesn’t fight nicely and gets the better of Future Trunks. After all, the Blue form is way more powerful than Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta goes back to base form thinking Future Trunks is weak, but then he gets hit with a surprise headbutt. Future Trunks lands a blow on Vegeta which means he should get his reward. His aim is to become as strong as Vegeta, Goku and Black Goku. However, Vegeta gets salty and walks away from Future Trunks.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54 ends as Beerus and Whis get a call from the Omni King Zeno. Zeno wants to meet up with Goku for some reason. They are going to meet up with another Kai. As for episode 54, it was a great episode with a lot of clues about Black Goku’s identity. It is also good to see that Future Trunks wants to become stronger. Hopefully he beats Black Goku as it’s getting tiresome seeing Goku win all of the time.

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