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Dragon Quest 11 Officially Revealed For PS4 & 3DS

by Dean James


The Dragon Quest series has been kicking back into high gear lately with the release of Dragon Quest Heroes and upcoming release of Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS in Japan, with releases confirmed for at least the former in the US. The game most have been waiting to hear about however is Dragon Quest 11 and Square Enix has now officially confirmed it.

It was announced that Square Enix was going to be holding a Dragon Quest livestream presentation on YouTube and Nico Nico, with the expectation that Dragon Quest 11 would be announced. After a logo leak yesterday, Dragon Quest XI has in fact been announced.

Dragon Quest 11 will be coming to PlayStation 4 as many had hoped, but the surprise is that it’s also coming to 3DS. Even better is that Level-5 is working on this game as well, so the hype is through the roof already.

After the US has been shafted with Dragon Quest X entirely, it is great to finally find out about a game that there is little doubt will come out here. With near confirmation of the Dragon Quest VII and VIII remakes for 3DS coming and Dragon Quest Heroes coming, Dragon Quest 11 will hopefully release in the West sooner rather than later.

It’ll be really interesting just how the game will be on both PS4 and 3DS, so stay tuned for more information on Dragon Quest 11 as soon as we find out about it.

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