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Special Dragon Quest Slime-Shaped Controller Announced for PS4

by Jose Belmonte


Japan proves to be once again the land of the most singular peripherals released, with a PlayStation 4 controller designed with the form of a Slime monster from the Dragon Quest series. The controller, released by the company Hori, performs most of the same functions of a regular Dual Shock 4, including the touch controls, and its release is tied to the launch of the upcoming Dragon Quest XI in July.

The “Dragon Quest Slime Controller for PlayStation 4” is logically around the same size of a regular DS4, with the difference that its round shape affects the way players hold it in their hands. Other than that, the button distribution is very similar to the standard, with the most notable difference being that Options and Share are placed below the touch pad. The buttons are located underneath the Slime figure, with the R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons being placed on the back.

Slimes are probably the most iconic creatures of the Dragon Quest series. They are shaped like a drop with face features, and they are usually blue colored. This is the look that the new controller is imitating, achieving a design that is not only functional, but also very decorative. With this purpose in mind, the controller also comes with a base to place it over a shelf or a table and admire it.

This design is actually a callback to a very similar controller released for PlayStation 2, tied to the launch of Dragon Quest VIII. That one was available in this same blue tone, and another version imitating the metal Slimes, which are the most rare kind in the game.

With all the essential functions of the standard Dual Shock 4 present, this controller will appeal to those who don’t mind to exchange part of the comfort of the regular controller for a disctinctive decoration piece based on their favourite RPG series.

The Dragon Quest Slime Controller will be available in Japan along with Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time on July 29th, as it was announced earlier today, and it will cost 9.980 yen plus taxes.

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