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Dragon Quest Walk Combines Pokemon Go With The Series’ Iconic Monsters

"Everyday life becomes an adventure"

by Jelani James


What do you get when you combine the ever-enduring Pokémon Go with monsters from the historic Dragon Quest? You get Square Enix’s latest mobile game: Dragon Quest Walk.

Announced at a press conference in Tokyo earlier on Monday, Dragon Quest Walk is a “location services-based game” that brings the monsters of Dragon Quest to the real world (well, Japan for the time being). For instance, you might find Skeletons while on the subway, King Slimes in Shibuya, Squidzillas at the Dotonbori River in Osaka and a wide variety of other monsters in an equally large number of locations.

As expected, the player will be fighting these monsters as they pop up, steadily building up experience and obtaining gear. Quests are received at landmarks all over Japan, and the story develops as the player travels from location to location.

On top of this, there will also be features inspired from other entries in the series, mainly Dragon Quest 10 and Builder, allowing players to build and later decorate their own room using materials discovered throughout their quest.

As mentioned before, Dragon Quest Walk is Japan only and there hasn’t been any mention of whether it will be coming to other regions. For those lucky enough to be in Japan though, they will be able to participate in a beta test consisting of 10,000 iOS and Android users apiece starting June 11.

Check out the website for more info.

Watch the announcement trailer and full presentation below:

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