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Dragon Quest XI Team Is Hiring For A Next Generation Dragon Quest Game

Will it be Dragon Quest XII?

by Dean James


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age finally released last fall after much waiting for longtime fans of the series. An upgraded version is set to release in a few months for Nintendo Switch, but Square Enix is already looking ahead to the future of the series as the development team for Dragon Quest XI is currently hiring for a next generation Dragon Quest game.

The Japanese Square Enix website posted a message directly from Dragon Quest XI director Takeshi Uchikawa that has been translated courtesy of Gematsu.

“The Dragon Quest XI team within the Second Development Division has begun work a new project, starting up on a challenge unique to a Dragon Quest for the next generation.

The mission of this project is to “deliver a new appeal of Dragon Quest to fans worldwide.”

In order to achieve that, we are looking for new “party members” with the same desire.

The planning stages of development have wrapped up, and we are now entering the phase of further improving the game quality.

As a new high-definition Dragon Quest title, why not try to create a new Dragon Quest history that moves players like never before with Yuji Horii and the development team?

We await the applications of developers who love trying new things!”

Along with this message from Uchikawa, Square Enix listed job postings for a battle planner, facial motion designer, 2D background designer, and technical artist.

The question remains whether this is for Dragon Quest XII or not. It was confirmed awhile back that it was in the works, so it is very probable that it is the next generation Dragon Quest game being alluded to here.

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