Dreams Gets PlayStation VR Support in July

Explore the Dreamiverse like never before.

by Diego Perez

Media Molecule’s Dreams will be getting PlayStation VR support added with a free update on July 22. Announced in a post on the PlayStation Blog, users will be able to build and share their own VR games and creations with the Dreams community, and Media Molecule is adding a few new features and tweaks to ensure that VR support will be as user-friendly as the rest of the game.

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The VR update, titled Inside the Box, adds a ton of new content and tutorials to get players up to speed with the possibilities of creating and playing with PlayStation VR. A brand-new tutorial called All Aboard VR will launch alongside the update to help players get familiar with the Drams VR controls and teach players how to navigate the Dreamiverse while in VR. Several new How To tutorials will be added to the DreamShaping section of the game as well, covering the basics of creating in VR and introducing some of the game’s new VR-centric tools.

Even though the Inside the Box update is primarily focused on PS VR, non-VR users will still receive all of the update’s new additions and features. Non-VR users can still create VR games without a headset, and they’ll also get access to the new Create Mode gadgets and accessibility features that are coming to the game soon. Players will be able to specify whether or not their creations are playable in VR or not, and each VR creation will have a comfort rating assigned by its creator to make browsing VR content as easy as possible.

VR support in Dreams not only opens up a suite of possibilities for players, but also for creators. Media Molecule points out that sculpting is one of the key areas that is improved by wearing the PlayStation VR headset. The PlayStation Move controllers have been supported in Dreams since the game launched back in February, and many players use them to create models and sculptures. Now, the power of VR will allow for unprecedented precision, physicality, and control, and creators will likely appreciate the new features very much.

While VR creations will probably take a few days to start populating the Dreamiverse, there will still be plenty of VR content to experience the moment the update drops. Just like with the base game, Media Molecule has created a handful of experiences that take advantage of the new functionality. Box Blaster is a basic shooting game, while Inside the Box Gallery is a virtual art gallery featuring sculpts and art pieces created by the Media Molecule team. These example creations, and the others added with the update, will have their own creation kits so players can use them as templates in their own creations.

The Inside the Box VR update for Dreams will be available on July 22. Media Molecule has made a Dreams roadmap publicly available on Trello so fans can keep up to date with future content coming to the game.

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