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Drinkbox Vita Collection Announced

by Mike Guarino


Drinkbox Studios is known for being one of the few developers that are committed to keeping the PlayStation Vita alive and well, and now they are continuing that commitment by announcing that Drinkbox Vita Collection. The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog and will be out next week.

As for what the collection includes, you’ll be able to play Guacamelee!, Severed and Mutant Blobs Attack all within one bundle. Guacamelee! is also cross-buy compatible, meaning you’ll also be getting the PlayStation 3 version of the game along with the Vita version.

The Drinkbox Vita Collection will be available to download digitally-only on July 13th, though Drinkbox mentions that this is “for the time being.” It’s possible that this may end up getting a physical release at some point, so be sure to stay tuned if that gets announced.

Drinkbox most recently released Severed for the PlayStation Vita earlier this year, and it’s a fantastic game that anyone with a Vita should check out. You can read our review of the game by clicking right here.

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