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Driveclub Has No Car Customization Under The Hood

by Damian Seeto


When Gran Turismo first came out, many people loved tuning the performance of their cars. It looks like that cool feature will not appear in Driveclub.

Driveclub director, Paul Rustchynsky answered a host of different questions about the game earlier this week on Twitter. One of the questions asked was if the game would allow any car customization. Rustchynsky confirmed that performance tuning isn’t possible in the game at all.

“We’re just not that sort of game. Its about immediacy, accessibility and fun. So they’re all to real life spec.”

Driveclub has been advertised more as an arcade racer instead of a heavy simulation game like the Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport series. Rustchynsky also mentioned the PS4 camera isn’t being used in the final game and was only a part of the E3 demo builds. Kind of sad you cannot take photos of yourself. However, PS4 accounts sometimes uses your own Facebook profile picture so I guess it was unnecessary to add this feature anyway.

As for DLC, Evolution Studios is planning it but won’t reveal details until obviously the full game is out. We can be sure there will be more tracks and cars added once the full game is released. There is 50 cars in the game in total, but DLC is sure to increase that number.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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