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Dying Light Is Techland’s Most Successful Game


Techland’s zombie-themed freerunning game, Dying Light, is very quickly becoming their best selling game and with good reason; I still find myself revisiting the city of Harran nearly 2 months after release for a sprint around the blocks and some zombie brain bashing. The infographic below contains a few amusing facts about Dying Light compared to real world examples to get a sense of the achievements by Dying Light players. My favourite is the Bill Gates comparison.


Dying Light saw it’s first free content drop last week bringing with it the much requested Hard Mode, new weapons, outfits and much more. PC gamers also get to mod the game with modding tools Techland created specifically for the community. Stay tuned for news on upcoming Dying Light DLC.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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