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Dying Light Update Patch 1.09 Out Now To Support ‘The Following’ DLC

by Damian Seeto


Update patch 1.09 for Dying Light has now been released to support ‘The Following’ DLC expansion that is due out later today for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

The new patch for Dying Light is very large so be prepared to wait a while to install it. The update on PS4 is 8GB while for Xbox One owners, it’s a huge 17GB. The reason for the large patch is because users get upgraded to the “Enhanced Edition” which adds a ton of new features.

The enhancements include:Legend System, Nightmare Difficulty, Bounties System, New Parkour Moves, New Enemy Attacks & Behaviors, #DrinkForDLC Content, New NPC Models, Enhanced Facial Expressions, Improved Human Enemy AI, Improved Volatile AI, Greater Firearm Variety, HUD and Video Filter Customizations, Audio Upgrades, Gameplay Quality Improvements, Console Performance Upgrades and Overall Game Look and Feel Improvements

The changelog on PS4 said:Legend mode balance improvements, Support for additional bounties added, Various stability improvements (Including co-op) and Support and fixes for Dying Light: The Following

It goes without saying that you should free up some hard drive space for your consoles if the Dying Light update patch is going to take up so much room.

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