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E3 2015: Star Wars Might Miss Out In Kingdom Hearts 3

by Damian Seeto


Many people would like to see Star Wars characters in Kingdom Hearts 3. Although it may be more complicated than initially thought.

GamesBeat was at E3 2015 during an interview session with Kingdom Hearts 3’s director Tetsuya Nomura. The topic of adding Star Wars characters was brought up.

Nomura said that Kingdom Hearts 3 is published by Disney Interactive and Square Enix. He said “other” companies like Disney itself owns Star Wars. He said just asking Disney Interactive for permission doesn’t work that way.

Disney Interactive is a subsidiary of Disney so they’re kind of the same company, but not really. GamesBeat explained it perfectly saying Disney Interactive may not have permission to just add in Star Wars characters to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Both Square Enix and Disney Interactive will have to contact Disney and Lucasfilm for permission too. In other words, there’s a lot of people they have to talk to first before they can make an agreement. It might also be more expensive adding Star Wars characters to Kingdom Hearts 3 too.

Also, Disney Interactive has Star Wars characters in Disney Infinity 3.0 already. Maybe they’re not allowed to be in other games developed by third parties. Kingdom Hearts 3 is developed by Square Enix mainly. It looks like Disney Interactive and EA are only allowed to have Star Wars characters.

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