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E3 2016: Batman: Arkham VR Announced For October 2016

by Dean James


PlayStation VR is coming out this October so there was a certainty that we’d see a good bit of focus on it during Sony’s E3 conference, but the games they revealed really surprised us, including one based on Batman: Arkham.

As soon as the teaser for this started, we recognized the always amazing Mark Hamill in what sounded like his iconic Joker voice.

As this teaser went on, we knew it was something to do with Batman, but wasn’t sure until the name came across as Batman: Arkham VR from Rocksteady Studios.

The teaser really told us absolutely nothing about it, other than that fact that we’re going to be able to be Batman in VR, though we don’t know in what capacity.

Hopefully more comes out about this during E3 this week as it was revealed to be coming in October 2016, so it may be a launch title for PlayStation VR.

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