E3 2016: Xbox One Scorpio Might Not Be Beneficial For Non 4K TV Owners

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E3 2016 was a big moment for Microsoft as it officially announced that it’s working on the Xbox One Scorpio console. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer however confirms that the console is aimed towards more technology enthusiasts with a 4K TV set.

Eurogamer interviewed Spencer and the interviewer asked him if the Xbox One Scorpio will benefit him because he only owns a 1080P TV set right now. From the sounds of things, only 4K TV owners will see the full benefits of the new console out next year.

Spencer said: “You should buy [the Xbox One S], because Scorpio is not going to do anything for you. Scorpio is designed as a 4K console, and if you don’t have a 4K TV, the benefit we’ve designed for, you’re not going to see.”

He went on to say that the console is aimed towards the 4K gamer and that it will be selling for a “premium price“. This is an obvious indication that the Scorpio is a device aimed for higher income earners and not for the mass audience.

4K is still a niche market as not many video games or Blu-rays are available in that resolution. Whether or not 4K will become popular in the future remains to be seen.

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