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E3 marks the return of Rainbow Six with R6: Siege


Ubisoft closed their E3 press conference with a showing of the next installment of Rainbow Six.  Always one to get their fans up in arms with early footage of their games, Ubisoft showed pre-alpha multiplayer gameplay of the new Rainbow Six game.

This gameplay featured highly tactical hostage extraction mode, where players were tasked with breaching a home that had been reinforced by terrorists.

Rainbow Six had been announced quite some time ago before going into hiatus.  The shooter saw a huge following at the beginning of the last generation, with the Rainbow Six Vegas games.  This game, however, looks like a much more tactical variation of the shooter.

The game had an unseen level of destructible environments for a Ubisoft game.

Ubisoft did not reveal when to expect Rainbow Six on consoles.

Rainbow Six: Siege World Premiere

- This article was updated on:June 9th, 2014

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