EA Access is Coming to the PlayStation 4 This July

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EA has announced that their annual subscription based service, EA Access, will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 this July. For over five years, it was exclusive to the Xbox One while the PC counterpart, EA Origins Access, was utilized on their own game launcher. Now PS4 owners have the option to take part in a selection of games from EA for just a nominal fee.

For those who aren’t aware, EA Access is a special payment service that offers a plethora of EA only titles for unlimited play via streaming. In addition to this, EA also offers discounts on their titles through the Microsoft Store, and early demos of upcoming games. Their are two payment tiers, monthly and annually. The monthly payment is $4.99 while the annual is $29.99, and this also applies to Origins on PC.

From what we can tell, you will have to make a new account on the PS4. So those hoping to use the same one as their Xbox, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you’ll need to fork out another payment if you want to make a second one. Ironically, Sony had the chance to accept this service onto their platform back when EA first introduced it. Whether or not it had to do with their own subscription service, the PlaySation Now, Sony seems to have had a change of heart and is now ready to allow the EA Access onto their system.

EA themselves haven’t announced which games will be available out of the gate, but we can bet that some of the older ones will probably not make it on the PS4. Specific titles that are backwards compatible with Microsofts console may not make the cut, which would make the EA Access on Xbox a much more appealing offer. Still, owners of the PS4 will soon have an additional option to play their games, and with download/streaming services continuing to grow, were sure to see more of this on the next generations of systems.

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