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EA addresses what went wrong with Battlefield 4

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 4 had a less than stellar launch, and EA is well aware of the fan discontent with the launch of one 2013’s biggest games.  During today’s EA conference call, Patrick Soderlund was asked for clarification on what went wrong with the Battlefield 4 launch, and he claims that the game was ready according to internal testing, but when deployed to the masses, it became clear that the game was not stable.

“Battlefield 4 issues manifested with scale in post-launch live environment,” said Soderlund.   “It was a complex game that launched on two new platforms.  We were pushing innovation heavily, 60fps, tablet options, 64-players.  based on pre-launch testing we were confident that the game was ready.  After player feedback, the development team moved swiftly to remedy the problem.”

Soderlund says that the development teamed moved “swiftly” to rectify the issues, and that game stability has increased “significantly”.   EA executives do not believe that issues at the launch of Battlefield 4 will make a negative impact on sales of Battlefield Premium.

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