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EA Clearing The Path For New Battlefield Game in 2018

by William Schwartz


There is a new Battlefield game coming out this year, Electronic Arts has revealed during their most recent earnings call.  While it had been assumed that this would be a year that we see a new Battlefield game due to the recent release cadence we’ve seen from the series, we still don’t know exactly what this game will be.  Will it be the long awaited Battlefield 5?  Or could it be a return to one of DICE’s niche settings for the shooter?

We just don’t know what this new Battlefield game is, just yet.  There has been some speculation regarding a WW2 Battlefield game.  There has also been talk of a Return to the Bad Company series.  Right now it’s hard to even guess what’s next for Battlefield, but the truth is that if EA plans on releasing a new Battlefield game in 2018, they’re gonna start talking about it soon.

Battlefield 1 has been a huge success for EA and one of their flagship franchises.  The company’s most recent figures say that the game has seen over 25 million unique players since launch and it’s still going strong.  There are numerous DLC pieces in the works that are set to arrive before this October 2018 release of a brand-new Battlefield game.

Whether DICE will return to modern combat, futuristic combat, or past conflicts is anyone’s guess.  Then again, it could be something entirely different like we saw in 2015’s release of Battlefield Hardline.  Since DICE has covered so many different scenarios in the Battlefield series, it has players torn with what setting they’d prefer.  Here are some example scenarios of what we think Battlefield 5 could be.

As the year gets in to full swing expect to hear a lot more about the new Battlefield game in 2018.  What do you want to see from a new Battlefield game?  Let us know in the comments below.

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