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Battlefield 5 Anticipated Release Date And Everything We Know

by Damian Seeto


Battlefield 5 release date is set for 2018 if recent statements by Electronic Arts are anything to go by.  The mega-publisher has been vague with details about Battlefield 5 but the company’s CEO said that a new entry in the series would arrive in 2018.  Will DICE head back to the modern era for Battlefield 5?  Or will they look to past settings as they did with the 2016 release of Battlefield 1.  What we know is that a new Battlefield game is coming, and given DICE’s history with the series we know that they’ve tried modern combat, futuristic combat, and past combat settings.

When is the next Battlefield Game Releasing?

While Battlefield 1 is still going strong, the next Battlefield game is releasing in 2018.  DICE has been working on Star Wars Battlefront 2 for some time, but they’ve likely shifted gears to a completely new game now that this Star Wars title has been released.

With the recent acquisition of Respawn Entertainment, this could free up DICE to focus fully on the next Battlefield game.

If we’re to see the release of Battlefield 5 in 2018, we’ll likely start hearing things early in the year.  DICE has traditionally started revealing information about their new Battlefield games early in the year with a reveal of the setting, moving in to a ramp up of marketing later in the year with a release sometime in the fall.

What Platforms will Battlefield 5 release on?

In all likelihood, DICE will take full advantage of the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro with Battlefield 5.  With the series having been one that’s technically demanding, the extra horsepower of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will likely be a big boon for Battlefield fans, allowing DICE to offer bigger online battles and player counts in their next game.  Of course, PC will be a big spot for the game as there are many Battlefield fans on the platform.  The game will likely arrive on PC via EA’s Origin platform.

Will it come to the Nintendo Switch?  While the Nintendo Switch has been popular since it’s release last year, it doesn’t seem likely that Battlefield 5 will release on the console as it’s underpowered and may not be able to handle the game.  Other recent releases from EA like the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 did not release on the Switch so this seems unlikely.

Battlefield 5 Setting

DICE went a different route with the latest Battlefield game, calling it Battlefield 1 and bringing players to the front lines of World War I.  With the next numbered Battlefield game, we fully expect DICE to come back to the modern era but it’s quite possible that they explore the future as well.  Many Battlefield fans have been asking for a return to the setting of one of DICE’s previous entries in the series with Battlefield 2142.  Here are some of the possible settings for Battlefield 5:

Futuristic: Battlefield 2142 was a cult-classic.  While it retained the core gameplay that the Battlefield series was known for, it offered a completely new setting that allowed players to pilot armored walkers in the game.

Past: Given the success of Battlefield 1 and the success Activision has had with Call of Duty WW2, they could decide to try a different past war era.  They’ve done WW2, they’ve done WW1, they released a Vietnam Pack for Bad Company 2, but they very well could try their hand at something completely new with Battlefield 5.

Present:  A lot of Battlefield fans would like to see DICE return to modern combat.  This one could build right on the back of Battlefield 4 and continue this narrative, but we’ve seen the Battlefield series tackle other scenarios set in the present day like they did with Battlefield: Hardline.

Fictional:  Another fan-favorite game in the Battlefield series was Battlefield Bad Company and the sequel Battlefield Bad Company 2.  While this game retained all of the large-scale combat that the series was known for, it took a more light-hearted approach to the story-telling of the single player campaign.


- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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