EA exec warns of the pitfalls of 3-D

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The boss of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello, warned about poorly authored 3D content in a recent discussion with Industry Gamers. While he’s still a firm believer in potential for the technology, he believes that, like anything, the road could get a little bumpy in the beginning.  Two things that are certain at this years E3.  Motion controls, and 3D gaming.  With heavy presence at this year C.E.S. we predict a lot of developers will be showing and announcing titles that could incorporate 3-D.  Especially from the Sony camp with their line of Bravia televisions rolling out shortly, and lets not forget about Nintendo’s 3DS.

“I am a little nervous that some game companies will put out poorly authored 3D content, sort of just put it together,” told Riccitiello.

“It’s quite a different thing to author it in such a way that the ‘Z-dimension’ the third dimension, is really well done. When it’s not really well done, it’s a new kind of headache that you haven’t ever experienced.  I’m actually a little afraid this year that we’re going to get less than well-authored content and it’s going to be one of those stories: video games give me a migraine.”

“It doesn’t take that much to separate, you know, two and a half inches and sort of redraw the entire frame and have it run through any of the various polarization or the primary blinking system between the right and left eye.”

Riccitielo does believe in the potential of the technology:

“I think that over time, probably in the course of 2011, 2012, the strongest publishers will author some great content, the installed base will be there, and there will be a good positive growth spurt. I just don’t think it will be this year.”

“A great 3D game experience is a truly wonderful thing. ”  “I was playing a title we’ve got for fiscal 2012 in 3D yesterday up in Vancouver and it was definitely unbelievably cool.”

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