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EA Origin partners with Twitch TV to bring streaming to the game platform

by William Schwartz


EA is teaming up with Twitch TV to bring streaming features to its Origin content delivery platform.  This partnership will allow for players on the EA owned network to live stream their game sessions without the need for an outside program.  The update is scheduled to rollout for Origin players in a matter of days.

Alongside the streaming capabilities, EA is also introducing new capabilities to the service that will allow users to add non-Origin games into their Origin library, allowing users to launch any game from the platform and broadcast it.

The functionality will be extended first to Origin users that have opted to beta test new features for the service, and will continue to rollout to the rest of the community.  This is one big feature that will make life easier for PC players that do live streams of their gaming, and one feature that EA will now have over Valve as they strive to grow the service which was recently re-branded.

Other features will be included in the update, which include tweaks to the friends list functionality, and faster loading times.

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