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EA Puts a Stop to Skate 4 Rumors

by Kevin Reyes


A few days ago, we reported on how EA community manager Daniel Lingen hinted at the potential release for a new entry in the popular Skate franchise. He did this by simply sending out a cryptic tweet that just had the words “#Skate4.” Understandably enough, the people that have been waiting for a new Skate game for nearly seven years now became excited. Well today EA is putting a stop to that anticipation as they confirm that Skate 4 is currently not in development.

During today’s earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that they are currently not working on Skate 4. While this doesn’t mean the end of the series, it does mean that people shouldn’t start to get too excited just yet. It’s still possible that they’ll return to the skating franchise in the future, but as it is now, EA is choosing to focus on other franchises and projects instead.

Skate was a popular franchise when it first launched in 2007, especially given that its only competition in the skating genre were the Tony Hawk games which were steadily declining in popularity. It brought a fresh new look at the genre and became popular enough to spawn two sequels in 2009 and 2010 as well as a spin-off title for the Wii, DS, and iOS in 2008. According to Metacritic, the three numbered entries in the series have an average score of 83.

Late last year, Microsoft added Skate 3 as one of the games included in their backwards compatibility program for the Xbox One, making that the only true way to play the game on a current generation system. And with this latest bit of news it seems that’s the game that fans will have to return to if they want to relive the Skate experience because, at least as of now, Skate 4 is not going to happen any time soon.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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