Attack of the Fanboy

EA and the Wii U have a rough road ahead

by William Schwartz


All signs are indicating a rocky partnership between Electronic Arts and Nintendo in the coming years, concerning the Wii U. With many of EA’s core games using the Frostbite Engine, it was somewhat unnerving for Nintendo fans to hear that Frostbite 3 would not be making an appearance on the Wii U. Frostbite 3 will be the muscle behind EA’s Battlefield 4, which has been confirmed to not be arriving on the console.

And while Nintendo fans may be able to make do without the military shooter, Frostbite is used for many of EA’s top franchises. Recently, DICE’s Johan Andersson confirmed on Twitter that the company would not be trying to run the engine on the Wii U hardware.

“FB3 has never been running on Wii U. We did some tests with not too promising results with FB2 & chose not to go down that path,” said Andersson to a fan.

While it’s been known for some time that the Wii U would be missing out on some EA titles, the latest announcement that EA scooped up Star Wars licensing rights could mean even more games that miss Wii U owners completely. It was announced yesterday that DICE, Visceral, and Bioware would be making new Star Wars games, presumably using the Frostbite Engine. The popular sci-fi franchise missing the Wii U would be a heartbreaker, but seems like an inevitable reality.

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