Early Suicide Squad Movie Reviews Already Posted On YouTube

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Some lucky fans got a chance to see an advanced screening of Suicide Squad on July 30th. They managed to post up their reviews early.

The two best Suicide Squad reviews (that I could find) that were posted this week came from Cinema Guy and Ideology of Madness. For professional movie critics, their reviews don’t go up until Tuesday when the embargo lifts.

Anyway, the two posted on YouTube are pretty decent and are mostly spoiler free. The good news is that both of them liked the movie and they praised the cast. It sounds like Jared Leto steals the show, although it’s hinted that his screen-time is limited as he’s only in it for 20-30 minutes.

As for the film itself, they say it’s not boring and a lot of things happen throughout it. Some parts of the film are predictable, although they say things get exciting once the story picks up.

Ideology of Madness’ review says the film starts off introducing to us each member of the Suicide Squad. If you don’t know much about the characters of the movie, the beginning of it clearly tells you who all of them are.

Sadly, both reviews don’t give an overall score so you have to listen/watch them both to hear the good and bad points of the movie. You can check out both reviews below.

Update Looks like Cinema Guy decided to delete his review for some reason. You can check out the other video instead.

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