Attack of the Fanboy

EB says recent Battlefield 4 Leaks are fake

by William Schwartz


Earlier this week an alleged leaked poster originated at BF4 Central which alleged the shooter to arrive on October 31st, and include features that fans have been clamoring for, like “Commander Mode”. The poster was said to be from an EB Games in Australia, who has since come out to say that the marketing material is fake.

“We can confirm this is not one of our posters. Sorry to let you down guys, the date is still to be confirmed,” according to the retailer.

Since the Battlefield 4 reveal, DICE has been quiet about the shooter. We’ve seen numerous retail leaks that have outed features for the game that EA nor DICE has yet to announce. The big one is the late-October release date, which EA and now EB Games is saying to be still very much up in the air.

DICE has yet to make any official announcements of when to expect the next round of Battlefield 4 details. Until then, there’s always the 17 minutes of Battlefield 4 single player footage that was released a few weeks back.

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