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Ed Boon Provides Behind the Scenes Details About One of Mortal Kombat’s Most Famous Moves

Now Scorpion fans will get to see how their favorite move was born.

Yesterday, Ed Boon provided what could be defined as behind-the-scenes footage of the first Mortal Kombat. Scorpion’s signature movement is one of the most recognizable things in the Mortal Kombat series, and one of its creators showed us how it was born.

Ed Boon and John Tobias are like the fathers of the Mortal Kombat series. They created one of the most important games of all time, and now we can see how it all started. Scorpio and Subzero might be some of the most known characters in videogame history. The iconic blue and yellow outfits and special moves turned them a worldwide phenomenon; even non-gamers can identify them when they see them in other media.

Yesterday, Ed Boon made a Twitter thread sharing some behind-the-scenes footage of how they created the iconic spear move. If you pay close attention to the shared footage, you can see how John Tobias and Ed Boon started to develop the special movement. From how the actor should move to even how many frames the animation should take. Ed Boon’s excitement can be seen by how many times his arms get into the shot. The footage ends with Boon adding Scorpion’s iconic line, GET OVER HERE.

Going through this Twitter thread feels like reading someone’s journal. The rest of the post gave more details about how they came up with the move, the workarounds they had to perform, and even how many times Ed Boon said WAH.

Back then, they didn’t have the kind of memory we have nowadays, so a lot of the animations and movements had to be recycled to save as much memory as they could. Many fans of the series started to interact and share their excitement in the Twitter thread. Some fans asked Ed Boon if a legacy title was coming to next-gen consoles anytime soon. Even though he didn’t confirm anything, he ended the interaction by saying, Wish we could share, but can’t right now. Also, a lot of fans were asking about a remaster or remake of the title.

This small behind-the-scenes glimpse had long-time fans of the series excited and fond of all the memories they had thanks to the almost 30-year-old title. We likely get to see more behind-the-scenes footage, the series’ creator hopes to release more videos like this one as they lead up to Mortal Kombat’s 30th anniversary, so something special might be coming soon.

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