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Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat Inducted into World Video Game Hall of Fame

Microsoft Solitaire and Colossal Cave Adventure also join.

by Dylan Siegler


For a few years now, the Strong Museum has been inducting some of the most culturally significant video games into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Today (May 2), the four latest inductees have been announced.

The Strong Museum recently revealed that the 2019 inductees into the World Video Game Hall of Fame are Super Mario KartMortal KombatMicrosoft Solitaire, and Colossal Cave AdventureSuper Mario Kart, as if it needs any introduction, was first released in 1992 for the SNES and basically pioneered the kart-racing genre. The series has had continued success throughout the years, as Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is currently one of the best-selling games for the Switch. Mortal Kombat was also released in 1992 and was eventually made available for just about every console at the time. The game spawned an entire franchise that continues to be one of the most popular fighting game series to this day. Microsoft Solitaire was first released in 1990 for the Windows 3.0 computer and newer versions of the game have been available on many more Windows computers since. Colossal Cave Adventure was first released for the PDP-10 computer in 1976 before later getting updated in 1977. The game was a text-based adventure game and basically spawned the entire adventure game genre of video games.

These four games join the likes of The Legend of ZeldaTetrisDOOMDonkey KongFinal Fantasy VIISuper Mario Bros.Grand Theft Auto III, and many more in the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

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