New Elden Ring Update Nerfs Several Popular Builds and Weapons

Most Elden Ring fans were not happy with the latest update...

by Carlos Hurtado


Update 1.03 made some major changes to the game’s weapons, spells, and more. Many players are still in shock at how much stuff has changed while some others are trying to find the next OP build that will help them beat the remaining bosses on their playthroughs and decimate everyone while invading other players’ matches.

Elden Ring players were getting comfortable with the current builds on their playthroughs, but that came to an end on March 16th. Update 1.03 made some significant nerfs and changes to the game, making some builds less efficient on PvE and PvP combat. Besides these nerfs and changes, the developers managed to fix a lot of the bugs that were hindering the players’ experience. Improving the overall game’s quality while hundreds of thousands of players are still enjoying the masterpiece made by From Software and George R.R. Martin.

On March 16th, the Elden Ring developers launched Update 1.03, implementing a lot of bug fixes, balance changes, and more. Shaking up the game’s current meta, rendering some builds and weapons less effective. Builds that include weapons like the Sword of Night and Flame, Moonveil Katana and Eclipse Shotel received a meaningful nerf, so players who were taking advantage of these weapons should start looking for other alternatives.

A lot of players are disappointed with the nerf to the Mimic Tear Ash, and now many of them consider it useless. This is far from true, so you should still consider it when going against tough bosses. Besides these nerfs, the Elden Ring developers managed to squeeze some additions and bug fixes into the game, improving the state of the game.

The Elden Ring community is far from being happy about these changes, so we hope the developers take into consideration their opinions and feedback when coming up with the next changes and additions to the game.

Looks like From Software is trying to balance the game both for PvP and PvE enthusiasts, some players are not happy with these changes given the fact they only play the game for the single-player portion of it. Having no interaction with other players. If you are looking for weapon alternatives or different builds to use while you are still trying to beat all the different bosses on Elden Ring, make sure you go to any of our guides.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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