Attack of the Fanboy

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Solitary Beauty

by William Schwartz


Beth Blog knows were are all hungry for information about The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.  Knowing that, they hit us one with a whole…one screenshot from the up coming game.  But not just any screenshot, one unbelievably detailed screenshots whose sole purpose is likely to induce salivation from fans of the franchise.  An extremely detailed environment, and might I add beautiful back drop, does well to quench the need for us to see  a glimpse at the new engine we’ve been teased with.

No longer mythical, the Creation Engine appears to be doing it’s job, and well.  A recent article in Game Informer was completely devoted to the Creation Engine and it’s a good read if you are anticipating the game as much as we are. You can catch the whole interview with GI HERE

Larger Version of the Image Below


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