Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to Add Ground Combat and Exploration Next Year

All we're missing now are boarding parties.

by Brandon Adams
Elite Dangerous to Add Ground Combat and Exploration Next Year

It seems Frontier is aiming to take some more of the solar wind out of Star Citizen’s sails, because today the company announced Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The upcoming update will add ground exploration and combat to the massive space-sim, giving all those space-truckers a chance to plant their feet on some actual dirt.

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You’ve been able to go planetside in Elite Dangerous for a while now thanks to the Horizon’s expansion, but you could only do so from within the claustrophobic confines of a rover. Odyssey promises players will soon be able to, “touch down on breathtaking planets powered by stunning new tech, soak in suns rising over unforgettable vistas, discover outposts and settlements, and explore with unrestricted freedom.”

There will be “countless unique planets” for players to explore on foot, NPCs to offer various missions, first-person combat (with new equipment and weapons to go along with it), and more. The full page provides some additional insight, but we’ll likely have to wait until closer to launch for more comprehensive details.

And when is launch exactly? Three months from now? Six? Try early 2021. Yeah, it’s going to be a hot minute until Elite Dangerous: Odyssey drops. You can wishlist it now on Steam, and it does appear the expansion will make landfall on consoles as well. No word yet on pricing, but if it’s like Horizon’s it’ll likely launch for $30 with a season pass for additional, smaller expansions attached. Check out the trailer below for a brief tease, and we’ll be sure to share any updates as they drop.

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