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Epic Games Store’s First Sale Offers ‘Epic Mega’ Discounts

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As promised by a previous tweet, the Epic Games Store is having its first sale and it’s just as “Epic Mega” as the name implies.

How “Epic Mega” is that? For starters, the any game on the Epic Games Store’s library currently priced over $14.99 will have its price reduced by up to 75 percent. On top of that, Epic is doubling down (quite literally) on its free game strategy by offering a new free game each week up through June 13 when the sale ends.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are some notable games (including pre-orders and early access) which are now available at a discount:

Also as a sign of goodwill, anyone who recently pre-purchased or bought any affected game on the store will also get a refund in the next 7-12 days.

And speaking of goodwill, this sale will hopefully garner some among those who have voiced opposition to the storefront in recent months.

Launching back in Dec. 2018, the Epic Games Store quickly gained notoriety due to its developer-friendly business model, relative lack of features and sparse catalog of games. And while none of these properties have changed, the store has become notorious for an entirely different reason: its aggressive acquisition of timed PC exclusives, such as Metro Exodus, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Borderlands 3 and most recently, Outer Wilds, Mobius Digital’s open world exploration game which was crowdfunded on Fig.

Those in support of Epic say these moves promote competition with Steam, while those in opposition say the Store is trying to establish a monopoly since Epic has third party rights to the games (for a limited time). In the end, it has led to what has become the norm for the gaming community over the past few years: mindless fighting with no honest discussion. Oh, and review bombing on other Steams, though that can be attributed to the fact that they lack the means to do so on Epic’s storefront.

At any rate, the sale lasts from now until June 13, so get on it if you’re a fan.

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