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Epic Games Store Gets Achievements Next Week for Select Games

Full Epic achievements are coming soon!
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Epic Games have confirmed that their full Epic Achievements system will be rolling out as of next week on its’ PC platform. This comes after a year of developer-only use to hammer out any issues in the system.

Epic, famed for their free games each month, is finally launching their own achievement system on their platform. Players will be able to earn XP, by earning said Epic Achievements in some games. This is, to some players, a long-overdue addition, and some are even surprised that achievements weren’t there already. It seems only a handful of companies aren’t implementing these systems readily (looking at you, Nintendo).

Along with the Achievement System, there will be more developer tools coming. July last year saw the release of achievements into some of Epic’s games, but these were made and controlled by each game developer. Ark: Survival Evolved and Borderlands 2 are some notable games that got the developer achievements previously. The ‘developer achievements’ were appreciated by players, however, and the full release of achievements adds to this original system. The system can now be compared to that on other platforms! Though not available yet, the achievement system will be fully brought to all players within the next few months (supposedly).


Players’ previous developer achievements will not go away – they will remain in place if they have already been earned or used. Progress will carry over on the games to the new Epic Achievements system. Each game using the Epic Achievements system will have a dedicated page where fans can keep track of progress and see which trophies are available. The achievements are also viewable in the game library.

So far, the games confirmed to have the Epic Achievements are Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Alan Wake Remastered, and ‘more’. More developers are being brought in, so it means more games are definitely on the way!

The achievements work in four different tiers – based on the XP value of each one within the game. Here are the confirmed tiers:

  • Bronze Tier – 5-45 XP
  • Silver Tier – 50-95 XP
  • Gold Tier – 100-200 XP
  • Platinum Tier – 250 XP.

There is also a ‘Platinum Achievement’ for players who earn 1000 XP in any game!

Epic also plans to release further ‘social features’, and expand their player rewards system in the near future. The new Epic Achievements draws inspiration from other platforms, like Xbox’s achievements and PlayStation’s trophy system.

Epic Games’ Epic Achievements system will launch soon.

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