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ESPN Still Showing Outdated $349 Xbox One Ads

by Damian Seeto


Even though the Xbox One’s price has reverted back to the usual $399 price tag, this hasn’t stopped ESPN from showing old advertisements with the $349 price point.

A Twitter user was watching ESPN and an Xbox One advertisement was broadcast with the old $349 price tag still there. He watched NBA Basketball on January 9th, which is five days after the price was brought back up to $399. A report from GimmeGimmeGames say they saw the same advertisement running on another TV network too.

I’m not sure how the whole advertising industry works, but one would think Microsoft would tell TV networks to update the advertisements they are showing. The $349 price point for the Xbox One was only for a limited time to take advantage of the busy Holiday season. It seemed to work well in North America as sales for the console skyrocketed thanks to it being cheaper than a PS4.

Advertisements for Xbox One being priced at $349 should cease to avoid misleading customers. It wouldn’t be nice going to store thinking you’re saving $50, only to find out the advertisement you saw was outdated…

It will be interesting to see though if Microsoft cuts the price of the Xbox One back to $349 permanently in the near future. After all, consumers always like to seek out cheaper bargains.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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