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Everything is a Weapon in Hitman 2 Launch Trailer

Agent 47 finally gets his man...or does he?

by Jacob Bukacek

If there’s one thing the Hitman games have made clear over the years, its that an assassin’s best weapon is their own ingenuity. This is a point IO Interactive has chosen to reiterate upon in the launch trailer for Hitman 2. Sean Bean’s back again as elusive target Mark Faba, and he’s intent on demonstrating his superior knowledge to all the hitman wannabes out there. As someone who’s an expert on faking his own death, Mr. Faba would definitely know all the assassin’s tricks inside and out; so his having a strong sense of confidence about it is understandable. However, overconfidence can be deadly too, and the best hitmen know exactly how to make full use out of all the weapons available to them.

As the trailer above makes clear, Agent 47 has an incredibly wide array of possible weapons to choose from in Hitman 2. One could grab 47’s twin silent pistols and go for the stylish and cinematic elimination; that’s certainly viable. One could also grab a frozen fish and knock out a cook so as to take their uniform, access the kitchen and slip a little something into their target’s meal. Giving players options has long been a strength of the Hitman games, and it looks like IO Interactive is doing their best to give players even more choices in the upcoming Hitman 2.

Players will need to make full use of those options if they want to successfully eliminate Sean Bean’s Mark Faba once his elusive target mission goes live on November 20. This is a man who knows what to look for, and players are only going to get one shot at him. Failing to take him out the first time will mean having to watch him slip away with a big ol’ smile on his face. So make sure to learn the lesson he’s teaching here before trying to beat him at his own game.

Hitman 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 13.

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